Since 1984 the farm has continuously developed and purpose-built units have replaced old buildings.

Carbon storage, low carbon farming methods including sustainable woodland and hedgerow management, are a natural part of our biodynamic farming system.

The completion of our new barn and hay-drier, enabled through charitable fundraising, is an inspirational highlight.

With the purchase and renting of fields, 150 acres of land is farmed.

A bespoke herd of shorthorn cattle has been built up, all young-stock is reared for breeding or beef production. Our cattle are outside grazing during the summer and entirely fed on barn dried hay during the winter months. This produces high quality milk and beef, rich in omega 3 fatty acids for our community.

For the wellbeing of our cow herd, cow supported calf rearing is practiced, where the calf is alongside its mother and part of the heard of cows for at least 3.5 months.

Cows are milked once a day only, allowing them to express their natural herd behaviour in a low stress environment.


" What type of social forms do we have to create so that the earth, the farm and the animals are healed? There is nothing more important than this. This is of the foremost importance. There should not be the necessity for any one person having to work alone on the farm without the possibility of meeting others doing their work. The task is to create suitable social, life forms for people in which the earth, plants and animals are brought in to a harmonious relationship. On a farm where this is made possible by the people, the soil will start to change, animal health will improve and plants will grow differently. These are the conditions under which harmonious life forms can be established."

- Karl Koenig, 1-2 Feb 1961

Modern farm machinery gives us the capability to grow and farm crops, under the sometimes-challenging weather conditions of County Tyrone.

The farm is a mixed biodynamic enterprise, Demeter certified since 1994. Its aim is to produce a broad variety of food mainly to supply to the 80 people living on site.

The running of the farm is done in teamwork, which includes adults with learning disabilities.

Crops grown include mixed vegetables, grass and barn dried hay provide the main feed source for our cattle; milk is processed into butter and yoghurt.

The manifold activities provide ideal training possibilities for students with an interest in the biodynamic way of organic farming.

The team ethos is very strong at Camphill both within the farm and the community with lots of opportunities and challenges to keep everyone interested, from our residents with learning difficulties, international volunteers and staff. It is a fantastic environment for everyone to learn, grow and connect with nature with a wide variety of tasks for everyone to get involved in.