Introductory Course

New co-workers who do not have qualifications and experience with learning disability and Camphill are obliged to take part in Clanabogan's Introductory Course throughout their stay.

A useful, enriching and fun requirement that all new co-workers undergo

A block of lessons forms the Induction part of the course. Here people learn about the aims and impulses of Camphill, about people with a learning disability and about important health and safety matters to protect themselves and the people they work with. The subjects include Care, Protecting Adults at Risk, Food Hygiene, Challenging Behaviour and Core Values in the work.

Further lessons cover topics such as Nutrition, Work and Community, Biodynamic Agriculture, Human Development, The Camphill Village Impulse and aspects of learning disability.

Altogether the course lasts about 8 months with 3-5 hours of lessons each week. In addition there are at times artistic courses and drama and also tutorials to discuss issues which arise. Regular attendance is essential. With this we equip co-workers for the demanding life they meet, satisfy the relevant authorities that standards are maintained and promote the education and personal development of each co-worker.