Weaving Wood

In December of last year, some of our villagers had fun weaving with willow and helped to make seasonal decorations such as wreaths, Christmas trees, and stars. What made this activity even more special was the fact that the willow rods and all the other natural materials were harvested in the community. Neil patiently helped Aude collecting the willow rods which would be then used as upright for the Christmas trees and mostly for wreath making. The grounds in Camphill Clanabogan are truly full of treasure and provided the decorations for the wreaths ( ivy foliage and flowers, spruce, pine cones, hawthorn berries, larch cones... ) We used partly freshly harvested willow, which comes in different colors here in Camphill Clanabogan, and also used willow rods that had been previously dried. These needed to be soaked for several hours to regain their flexibility and were used as "weavers".