“Let us generate a genuine inner enthusiasm for learning within every child”

- Brian Masters

We offer high quality Waldorf/Steiner Education for pre-school children in the heart of Camphill Community Clanabogan (government funded pre-school education for 22 children). The homely atmosphere and natural environment and our award winning wildlife garden is a secure haven for your child and the whole family! We put great emphasis on working in tandem with parents. Come and join our weekly parent toddler group on Fridays!

Since its establishment in 1992,  Puddleducks has continuously grown and developed. We are proud to have been able to marry the Waldorf Curriculum with statutory requirements to the extent that we have managed to achieve national recognition by official bodies and beyond.

Our team is highly qualified with many years of experience in Waldorf Education.

We believe in:

  • the practice of self-education
  • schooling our positive thinking
  • culturing our imagination
  • firing our inner enthusiasm
  • developing awe and wonder
  • fostering self-evaluation
  • lifelong learning

Leading thoughts for Puddleducks’ curriculum

“We must consider the child in body, soul and spirit as an absolute unity.”
(Rudolf Steiner)

“We aim to create a wholesome, warm environment with activities and play experiences which provide opportunities for the development of the group and each child therein.”
(Puddleducks' staff)

“Help the child’s balanced and healthy growth – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.”
(Rahima Baldwin)

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.  Knowledge is limited.  Imagination encircles the world.”
(Albert Einstein)

“Generate a genuine inner enthusiasm for learning within every child.”
(Brian Masters)

“We endeavour to support and respect each child’s personality and individual development.”
(Puddleducks' staff)

“It is on fantasy then, on imagination, that our teaching and education is to be built.”
(Rudolf Steiner)

“Within early childhood children learn truly through example and imitation of thoughts and deeds.”
(Halina Kemper)

For more information on the Waldorf teaching method refer to {internal link to Steiner Waldorf Education} and to https://www.steinerwaldorf.org/steiner-education/early-years/