Short-term volunteering

Have you just finished school and would like to take a gap year? Are you studying and you are looking to deepen your skills? Are you simply looking for an alternative lifestyle?

Volunteering at Clanabogan, you will be asked to help in the houses, workshops (Weavery, Ceramics, Bakery or Woodwork) or on the land (Farm, Garden or Estate) and to contribute to the Community in a variety of ways. We all share necessary tasks of cooking, cleaning and housework. The momentary needs of the Community will determine where you will be asked to work, but we will do our utmost to accommodate your preferences, as we want your experience to be rich and meaningful.

Long-term volunteering

You might already be a co-worker at a different Camphill, or you are looking for an alternative lifestyle. Either way, we are aware that moving to Clanabogan is a big decision to take, which is why there will be a process allowing you to get to know the Community a little bit better, and vice-versa. We have an open Community model which is flexible in accommodating new ideas of shared living. We are a nondenominational community in which all beliefs are welcome.

As a long-term volunteer you can expect the following: your financial needs will be covered (access to cars, food, health etc.), you will have your days off as well as the normal holiday allowance. You will have your own space in one of our life-sharing houses, sharing with our friends in need of care, as well as short-term volunteers.

We are looking for long-term volunteers with a skill set that would benefit Community life in the realms of finance, HR, FR, management, biodynamic farming and gardening, wood craft, weaving, anthroposophic medicine, anthroposophic therapies, music, charity law, and welcoming any others, of course. 

Yes! This is for me! Maybe!?

If you would like to apply as a volunteer co-worker, please apply here. Alternatively, send us an email if your questions have not been answered in our FAQ page.

The most important outcome of establishing a community is not how long it lasts, but rather that it was created at all. Experiences can last a lifetime for someone who was deeply touched during a single visit. And I believe God remembers even a single act of kindness. - Joe DaVia