St Johns Day Celebrations 2019

The day started out damp and had been preceded by a few days of rain but fortunately, the rain held off as we gathered outside Riverstown House for the St John’s bonfire.

This had every promise of being a very special day, a day of celebration for all in and of the Community.

This year, St John’s was a huge celebration. It started at the bonfire with most of the Community present, the villagers, coworkers, employees, friends, volunteers, neighbors, board members, and families. A wonderful mix of people who contribute to and make up this Clanabogan Community of ours.

The singing got everything off to a warm start, the gathered group mingling, chatting and watching the fire grow. Altogether a perfect start.

From this start, there was more to enjoy so up the hill we went to the new hay barn. Here we found Seamus and his team hard at work at the BBQ, the salad table full of a variety of salads made lovingly by each house and rows of tables and chairs. At the top  Lee was setting up music stands, a promise of what was to come. The day was enjoyed by all.