What does Life Sharing Mean?

For those adults able to make a working contribution within a mutually supportive environment we include workshops in agriculture and horticulture, food processing, pottery, basketry, weaving, woodwork, and many other craft skills. The land based communities offer a great potential for therapeutic life and work. Responsible farming and gardening provide healthy food, meaningful work, and are very rewarding. Our products enjoy a continuing reputation for quality and design both at home and abroad. Some communities have a store, a gift shop or café. Home produced food, baked goods, meat, vegetables and fruit can be purchased from some communities.

We endeavour to create and maintain an environment where the economic, social and spiritual life of the community complement each other.

Residents and co-workers with their family live and work side-by-side, running their homes and sharing what needs to be done.

The cultural life is very strong, bringing members together for study and adult education as well as for many social activities. The rhythm of the farming year, the seasons, and the celebrating of the Christian festivals play an important part in the life of each community.

Camphill Communities are Christian and non-denominational. While the sacramental services of the Christian Community, an independent movement of religious renewal, have a particular place in each community, attendance at a church of any denomination is a matter of individual choice.

Participation in local activities is encouraged with visits to concerts and theatre and attendance at Further Education courses and hobby groups.