Voices NI Group Meeting at Mourne Grange Community

The second meeting was held in Mourne Grange on the 6th of August 2019. Martin, David McC, Anna, Brendan, Christopher, Patrick, and Steven were Clanabogan’s representatives. After a warm welcome and a eurthmy circle, each Community gave updates on what was happening in their area.

The Group then got down to business, with Lizzie asking the group to work together to prepare for the strategic review by Supporting People NI. From the discussion, it was decided to send a letter to Supporting People regarding the recent public consultation process for the introduction of standardized rates. This letter raised the issue of information sharing and involvement in public consultation processes in a meaningful way.

There was also discussion about issues of importance. 3 themes were raised and discussed in 3 separate groups: about themes: Health, Social Workers and how do we let people know about Camphill?

There will be a North / South Voices meeting on the 11th Sept, and the next Northern Voices meeting will be in Glencraig on the 24th Oct